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2020 Wendy Pilbeam Classic Including Tandems and Hand Cycles


Startlist: Wendy Pilbeam Mini Classic C Grade

Women's C Grade

272 Meghan HAYES (University of Queensland CC | WC)
273 Julie CATLIN (Moreton Bay Cycling Club | WC)
274 Narelle COUTTS (Moreton Bay Cycling Club | WC)
275 Sharron MCGUIGAN (Balmoral Cycling Club | WC)
276 Lucretia BATTLE (Logan CC | S100 Racing Team)
277 Maya DOMINICE (Brisbane Cycling Club | WC)
278 Brielle PARRIS (Brisbane Cycling Club)
279 Julie RAPPO (Redlands Cycling & Multisport)
280 Simone SHEPPARD (Ipswich CC)
281 Tate STRUDWICK (Sunshine Coast CC)
Total riders: 10

Startlist: Wendy Pilbeam Mini Classic D Grade

Women's D Grade

282 Sharon MCINNES (Ipswich CC)
283 Ayla GREEN (Lifecycle Cycling Club)
284 Colleen SWIFTE (Kangaroo Point CC)
285 Leisa BENNETT (University of Queensland CC)
286 Yvonne BAYLIS (Lifecycle Cycling Club)
287 Ellen GUINEY (Gold Coast CC)
288 Josie HOOPER (Darling Downs CC)
Total riders: 8

Startlist: Hand Cycle

260 Alex WELSH (Leongatha Cycling Club)

Startlist: Tandems

261 Caroline BAIRD (Lifecycle Cycling Club)
262 Darryl MUNCK (SCCC)
263 Jordan CARROLL (Lifecycle Cycling Club)
264 Richard ATTWATER (Lifecycle Cycling Club)
265 Isabella ALLEN (Lifecycle Cycling Club)
Total riders: 5