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2020 QLD Junior & Masters State Track MM Team Pursuit Qualifying

Event 113: MM Team Pursuit Qualifying

12 Laps 1st and 2nd to Gold Final 3rd and 4th to Bronze Final - Result

1. University of QLD 3:26.710
43 Chris WEIER (University of Queensland CC)
27 Peter NOWILL (University of Queensland CC)
45 Craig O'CONNELL (University of Queensland CC)
3 Benjamin ALBANY (University of Queensland CC)
2. Balmoral 3:31.924 +5.21
6 Nicholas BANKS-WATSON (Balmoral Cycle Club)
47 Dave MCADAM (Balmoral Cycle Club)
28 Gabriel YATES (Balmoral Cycle Club)
158 Craig HILL (Balmoral CC)
62 Malcolm RICHARDS (Balmoral Cycle Club)
3. Uni of QLD/Kangeroo Point/BNE 3:42.375 +15.66
67 Scott ROBINSON (University of Queensland CC)
64 Michael O'DONOGHUE (University of Queensland CC)
59 Philip STEVENSON (Kangaroo Point CC)
24 Ben CLAYTON (Brisbane Cycling Club)
44 John HICKSON (University of Queensland CC)
4. Townsville Cycle Club 4:00.572 +33.86
36 Matthew HARRIS (Townsville Cycle Club)
70 Terry EVERETT (Townsville)
16 Jason SMITH (ADF Cycling)
26 Andrew PRESTON (Townsville Cycle Club)
31 Alicia HARRIS (Townsville Cycle Club)