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2019 QLD Junior & Masters State Track Masters Men 4-5 Scratch Final

Event 76: Masters Men 4-5 Scratch Final

40 Laps - Result

1. 123 Mark GIBBS (Gold Coast Cycling Club) MAS5
2. 116 Andrew PATTEN (Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club) MAS5
3. 103 Dean RUSSELL (Darling Downs Cycling Club) MAS4
4. 109 David WADSWORTH (Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club) MAS4
5. 121 Philip STEVENSON (Kangaroo Point CC) MAS5
6. 120 Michael O'DONOGHUE (University of Queensland CC) MAS5
7. 118 Robert WALKER (Darling Downs Cycling Club) MAS5
dnf 117 Darrin STAFFORD (Townsville Cycle Club) MAS5
dnf 112 Matt SMITH (Logan City Cycling Club) MAS4
dns 115 John EDER (Ipswich CC) MAS4
dnf 113 Ian SNODGRASS (Ipswich CC) MAS4
dnf 122 Malcolm RICHARDS (Balmoral Cycle Club) MAS5
dnf 111 Scott ROBINSON (University of Qld CC) MAS4